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Why Free Clinics?

It is a popular misconception that free clinics are no longer needed, thanks to the recent changes to healthcare legislation. People are often surprised to hear that when the Affordable Care Act is finally fully implemented in 2024, an estimated 29 million people will be left uninsured.

The ACA is a first step towards providing coverage for more people in our country. However, it is NOT:

  • A universal health care system
  • A Public Option system
  • A Single Payer System
  • A Medicare-For-All system

In states that received federal waivers to expand Medicaid for the uninsured (which include Michigan), volume continues to grow at free clinics following implementation of the ACA. Clinics helped patients navigate through the policy and coverage changes, while dental care and prescription assistance remained a vitally important need only serviced by many free clinics. While it is clear that the impact of ACA will be vast, it will not be a cure-all for all segments of the population. The care and services provided by the GBCHC will be in demand for a long time to come.

In Southeast Michigan, the Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic is positioned to care for the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of the community without access to healthcare. Detroit struggles with an underserved community, however it is important to recognize that 58% of our fellow citizens residing in the suburban communities in the tri-county areas of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties live at or below the poverty line. The GBCHC is well positioned to care for community members for whom the ACA does not offer a viable solution, from each of our neighboring counties.


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