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Esteemed Women: 2015

On September 28, 2015, over 400 people gathered at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, to honor 29 Esteemed Women. These women, nominated by past winners, community leaders, and peers from their professional networks, had each achieved something remarkable. In the spirit of celebrating heroes who often go unsung, who support our community while supporting their families and friends, the Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic is proud to bring these extremely accomplished women together for a well-earned moment to celebrate.  

2015 Esteemed Women of Michigan:

 The 2015 Esteemed Women of Michigan are: 

  • Paula Autry
  • Barbara Cenko
  • Maria Coyle
  • Penny Crissman
  • Ellyn Davidson
  • Monica Emerson
  • Wendy Evans
  • Dr. Nancy Fishman
  • Kathleen Forzley
  • Reverend Faith Fowler
  • Mindi Fynke
  • Stacy Goldberg
  • Julie Gross
  • Ann Heler
  • Dr. Renee Horowitz
  • Joumana Kayrouz
  • Anessa Kramer
  • Hon. Lisa Langton
  • Kary Moss
  • Hon. Colleen O'Brien
  • Constance O'Malley
  • Mary Safie
  • Linda Schlesinger-Wagner
  • Ruth Adler Schnee
  • Veronika Scott
  • Eleanor "Coco" Siewert
  • Jeanne Stine
  • Capt. Monica Yesh
  • Diane Young

 Congratulations to all of our 2015 Honorees!

EWM in the News:

Essay Contest Champion:

Brooke Boardman, a student at International Academy, won this year's Esteemed Women of Michigan Essay Contest. She was awarded a $500 prize sponsored by Nathima Atchoo Trust, and spoke at the luncheon in September. Congratulations to Brooke!

To read Brooke's essay, click here.