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Stay at Home to Make a Difference

Instead of attending a fancy black-tie fundraiser, fighting traffic, and paying a babysitter, enjoy a wonderful evening at home with your friends and family. With your support, we'll be at the Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic treating our most vulnerable patients with the compassion, care, and expertise they have come to expect.

So please -  stay home, stay warm, and stay cozy; instead of paying for a banquet hall and stuffy valet, we'll use your donations to treat patients with preventative care, facing chronic conditions, and fighting acute symptoms. 

Every year, the Clinic provides millions of dollars in pro bono medical care to our neighbors and community members who are most in need.  On Thursday evening, May 5th, Stay at Home, so that the Clinic can do what it does best – help treat, prevent, and cure our patients and friends.

Donate Today!

Here's just an idea of just how far your money goes when you donate to the Stay At Home Campaign, as compared to arranging for a big night on the town at a Big Event Fundraiser.

$20: It can get you pizza for the kids or one month of supplies for a patient with a chronic condition

$50: This secures a babysitter for one night or a full course of antibiotics for five adult patients

$60: Pay for an Uber driver for the night or sponsor hygienic supplies for three operational dental suites for one entire week 

$100: Pays for one ticket for The Big Event or an entireyear’s worth of medication for two high-risk patients

$500: A new outfit to make your big entrance at the Big Event or lab work for every single patient at the clinic for an entire month

$1000: A makeover for two to ensure the perfect photo op or a complete set of new teeth for a patient in need

$2000 - Provides all of the above and more


A night in with your family while making a difference in our community, changing lives, bringing people back to health...Priceless.