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Future Professionals

Our clinic is a great environment to learn more about your future profession, in the medical, dental, or pharmaceutical field.  We always welcome more support in achieving our daily projects that help keep a free clinic running effectively and efficiently.  Pre-Professional volunteering opportunities at the Burnstein clinic are highly valuable and fiercely sought after.  On average we receive 10 applications for each person that we take on as a pre-professional volunteer.  It is an amazing opportunity and will profoundly impact your future.

The first step in becoming a volunteer is to complete an application which can be found here.

Outside of clinical volunteering we are currently looking for help with the following projects:

  • Connect with resources for our food distribution day
  • Collect data from all free clinics in Michigan
  • Development of marketing campaign
  • Developing new grant opportunities
  • Research advertising options for non-profits
  • Help with promotion of social media presence

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this application and someone will get back to you shortly.  

Volunteering can pay off:

Many of our pre-professional students find that their time at the clinic facilitates their application to their chosen professional programs.

Letter of recommendation

We will be happy to write a letter of recommendation after six (6) months of volunteering. This gives us time to get to know you and write the kind of letter that will make a difference in your application

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